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Ephren Taylor Arrested (Video)

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New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is Closing It's School (Video)

The board of directors at New Birth Christian Academy have decided to temporarily close the school due to debt and a declining enrollment. The closing of the kindergarten through 12th grade school came with short notice to parents and students. In a statement, New Birth said the closure is “temporary,” and it will do The”everything […]

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Bishop T.D. Jakes Conversation With Don Lemon 12-10-11 (Video and Book)

Bishop TD Jakes talks about his new book, “The Relationship Bible”. CNN’s Don Lemon ask Bishop Jakes to share his thoughts on politics, occupy wall street, child sex abuse, parenting, and Bishop Eddie Long.

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Bishop Eddie Long is Taking Time Off to Heal His Family (Video)

Bishop Long announced on 12-4-11 he was taking some time off to heal his family. He told his congregation on Sunday, “I’m still your pastor. You’ll still receive my direction, you’ve given me some weeks to take care of some family business.”‘ Empowerment temple praying for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. source:

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Bishop Eddie Long's Wife Files for Divorce

Vanessa Long has decided to file for divorce, according to a statement released by her attorneys on 12-2-11. According to the statement, Vanessa Long, states that “after a great deal of deliberation and prayer, I have decided to terminate my marriage to Bishop Eddie L. Long. Accordingly, I authorized my attorneys to file for divorce […]