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Question of The Day: Skipping Gospel Songs, Ever Feel Guilty?

Ok! As you all get to know us better you will find that I, RiverAngel42, can’t always be serious. So today’s question is on a lighter note than yesterdays.

When you are listening to Gospel music and a song comes on that you just don’t like or want to hear.
Do you:
a) Skip it and hope that “Your Jam” comes on next
b) Feel a slight tinge of guilt for not liking a “Gospel” song and reluctantly skip
c) Say a little prayer and try to “Meditate” on the words
d) Suck your teeth, say forget it, turn the station to Hot 97

This was a real issue for me for a while. I know I’m not alone. I was a toss up between all of the options. But mostly “b’. I don’t know why but I felt like God was watching and that there was something in every Gospel song that I should be able to use. So I really felt guilty. Then I had a job where I was in a cubicle typing all day, mostly foreign documents and if it wasn’t up beat some days…well let’s just say I maximized my Pandora skips in about 5 minutes (By the way, the work around for that is to create a new station!)

Come on ya’ll, don’t be shy. I check for your comments all day. Talk to me!

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2 replies on “Question of The Day: Skipping Gospel Songs, Ever Feel Guilty?”

I skip it if I’m not feeling it and feel no guilt abt it, but i don’t go to hot 97 or here, 97.1 and 102.1 jamz…..I definitely skip those stations entirely, I have dealt with the back and forth, secular to gospel for years and I have peace when I listen to gospel, and feel guilty when i listen to secular so the choice is clear, so I’m not going back to R&B, really just love songs until I’m married :+)

But sometimes, the song I skip, at a later time becomes my favorite song, everything has a time and place, but if it’s not pleasing to my ear, I don’t force mysefl to listen just because it is gospel music.

Thanks for the comment. Well its good to know I’m not the only skipper. There are certainly times when a skip is much needed and I shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

River Angel42

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