A Prayer Of Healing For Lady Malinda Sapp

Marvin Sapp has touched many of our lives with his songs such as “The Best In Me” and “Never Would Have Made It” these songs have given many of us support and encouragement through the most difficult of times.

Now he needs us. Pastor Sapp’s wife, Lady Malinda Sapp (also a Minister) is battling stage 4 colon cancer. It is reported that this is not her first go round with this disease and that she was once in remission. Now to have it return again.

Sapp, has requested 24 hour prayer for his wife. We at Online Fellowship want him to know that we are in agreement with both Lady Sapp and him and believe for God’s will to be done.

Please touch, protect, heal and comfort Linda and all others who are suffering. We know that you alone can do things that none other can do. Dear Lord we also pray that you give those who are responsible for her care both wisdom and knowledge. the knowledge to know what to do to help her and the wisdom to know how to apply it. We also pray for Marvin Sapp and their families that they lean, depend and praise your name as they go through this difficult time.
In thy Son, Jesus Christ Name We humbly pray…

I did not close this prayer because until God’s will is done we should all continue this prayer. Please lets keep this prayer going, add you own to the comment section and be blessed


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  1. Masterful Avatar

    Strength from God come to you, for there is no place like home…Home Sweet Home.

  2. i am very saden by this news may god be with yall during this time may god be with the sapp family

  3. Sister Malinda, I heard about your situation first during the Manpower Conference organised by Bishop Jakes. Pastor Marvin was suppose to Minister but could not make it because you were under attack. The Devil already lost the Battle, You are too precious to God for him to take you out any how. I plead the blood of Jesus over you and declare that His blood is efficatious and potent enough to heal and restore your health completely . You do have a testimony and the world will hear it soon.
    My love to Past Marvin Sapp who has been a blessing to Many just because you were also there praying for him and supporting in every way. Be healed!

  4. Minister Pamela Derico Avatar
    Minister Pamela Derico

    We touch and agree with you in Prayer laying hold to the promises of God which is Yes and Amen to the Glory of God. Now unto Him who is Able to Do Exceedingly (unmeasure) and Abundantly (without limits) Above All ( before any other consideration) that we shall Ask or Think According to the Power (Faith the Operation of God) Working in Us. Eph. 3:20

  5. Remember Jesus our Saviour and Lord PAID for our sins, sicknesses and infirmities back 2,000 years ago. Healing is our by faith in God’s Word and not man. Praise the Lord!! It’s already done. You are healed Lady Malinda Sapp. It’s so wonderful to know that when our sister in the Lord is going through we all go through with you. You are never alone or forgotten. Victory is yours. We walk by faith and not by sight. There is power in Holy Communion. Please take it every day.

  6. Sister Barbara Logan Avatar
    Sister Barbara Logan

    Father God of Israel, I thank you for access to kneel before your throne by way of the rightousness I have obtained only through your son Jesus Christ my savior, in confidence and thanksgivig. Today Father, I ask you to move by your spirit on behalf of your daughter Malinda Sapp. Father strenghthen her mind to remember that our faith stand not in the wisdom of man, but, in the power of God. Father God, quicken her flesh to accept the healing that is in the “Greater Is He” that resides in her. Father, let the same stripes placed upon Jesus by which we were healed, manifest divine healing NOW in the physical body of Malinda Sapp. Father God, Jesus healed many when he REBUKED the sickness and infirmities that robbed them of their health, so I ask you, in Jesus’ name, to allow me to stand proxy on her behalf. I REBUKE this infirmity called cancer, robbing Malinda Sapp of her health, in Jesus’ Name! I THANK YOU FATHER GOD, for attending to this matter immediately. AMEN! GLORY TO GOD!!!

  7. Dear Heavenly Father I asked you to send your healing virtue through out Sister Malinda body from the crown of Her head to the soul of her feet because we know one touch from you Lord God makes the difference I asked for your peace Lord to rest upon Her and her husband brother Marvin give him peace in his spirit and comfort his heart with your loving kindness and we will for ever give you the praise and honor and glory for the victory thank you Father for hearing my prayer.

  8. My prayers go out to the Sapp Family.

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