By: RiverAngel42

I am undefined by you
Perfectly designed by my God so very dear
He whispered a secret in my ear,
The words flowing sweet and clear
“Be who you are, for there is a life for you that I want
Do not look to the left or the right when the voices of others seem to enrage or taunt
I made you the way you are,
to some simple and plain
But you will be more than a conquerer
if you always remember to call My name”

I am undefined
I can’t be held in a box
A form ever changing and evolving
Trusting in God to guide me through the problem solving
Or when I have been banged against the rocks

I am undefined
He even hid some of my definition from me
But as I grow
I come to know
That I have no greater friend than He

I am undefined
With a purpose embedded very deep
I thank God for every whisper of assurance He gives to me as I lay asleep
While He has not revealed to me His complete plan
He always gives me just enough to know where I should stand

I am undefined
As I am incomplete
Yet just by knowing who He is
I am allowed to see
That I am being molded and shaped
By One who believes in me
He knew me to completion even before my birth
His own little master piece that will need His work while I am here on earth.

I am undefined
He implanted something so beautiful in me
I see that as I look into the eyes of all the gems that He entrusted to me
He patiently molds and smooths my resistant clay
Correcting my imperfections all along the way
He lovingly repairs me when I come to Him ripped, tired and torn
As I try so hard to fulfill the purpose for which I was born

I am undefined
And that’s perfect with me
As relinquishing control to His will
Allows me to be
More than you or I
could have ever
defined me to be



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