Pastor E. Christopher Hill Installation at the Potter’s House in Denver.



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  1. Hmm? I am hoping you may be more receptive of my offer then the previous pastor! My one goal is the baptism of the Holy Spirit through prayer and prayer alone. Since I am working a regular job I don’t require compensatiion at this time.

    If I would say what the world needs now it is more fasting and prayer in the church we are in perilous times. Granted I am anointed of the Holy Spirit I could give my testimony. But I would prefwer to meet and talk face to face privately or in secret I believe the bible says. And this is a direct revelation to me myself as well through the Spirit.

    I am educated a BS in Biology but not in a theology. And much of what I hear and know will shock and at times freak you out and tick you off! But really I am just a fire starter and those who follow God through fasting and prayer will have the same power and benefits through the spirit that I do.

    And my goal is not to stick around forever and stick my nose in your business or bidness! That is God the Holy Spirits job. I believe i was sent here to a deliver a package to somebody but so far to little or no avail have I had any takers.

    Really I tried to give it away for nothing on numerous occasions in many and varried church or worship situations. The problem is the churches seeing is believing or eyes wide open. The spirit cannot operate in this manor walking by faith is an eyes closed experience only!

    There is much more I could say enough for now…

    James D.

  2. bishop long was at this installation service at the potters house of denver, but he’s not the only pastor who needs to tell the truth…

    the news out of denver will be just as bad.

    the “truth” is the only thing that will set free.

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