Lexi Show Comes To An End

If you are a fan of The Lexi show, we have sad news. After four seasons her show is coming to an end. The show that was hosted by TV personality and recording artist Lexi was seen on The Word Network. Her show explored some of the more controversial issues that surround the Christian community, many that others would view as taboo and would dare not touch with a ten foot pole.

Good luck in your future endeavors Lexi and God Bless. [ad]


One response to “Lexi Show Comes To An End”

  1. I guess since no one else will say it I will. Lexi’s show was canceled because she was FIRED! It seems she, without permission of the Executives at the Network, attempted to set up Pastor Tony Smith with some members whom he asked to leave his church. She had her staff make some video of these members and unsubstantiated accusations. Lexi tried to set up a REAL PASTOR (as judged by his doctrine in Christ) and the LORD God dealt with her. No one else is going to pick that show up.

    WOW Brother Pastor Smith: “Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD.” A GIANT like Lexi taken down by God protecting the Pastor of a church with less than 50 members..HE is AMAZING 🙂

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