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Thought For The Day via Joseph Prince Ministries: Give Us This Day

I had to post this for you. So many times we hear that we shouldn’t worry and most people will point you to Phillipians 4:6 to help you through a time of worry or distress. That is a great scripture, however it has always been my belief that God’s word and the Bible are a constant. Meaning as humans living cyclical lives that the things that happen to us have all happened before over and over and over again. Therefore it is my belief that there will be supporting or complimentary scriptures for things that have happened more than once or that if you are not living by God’s command will consistently happen. Well here is Joseph Prince’s daily Devotional on a very small scripture that most if not all of us have said, however how many of us have ever taken the time to pick it apart and decipher its true meaning? This was a blessing for me and I hope it is for you as well. Thanks JPMinistry!

Be Blessed

Today’s Bread Is Not For Tomorrow
Matthew 6:11
11Give us this day our daily bread.

Doctors have discovered that worry, stress, fear and anxiety can cause stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and other health problems. The Bible says that a merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. (Proverbs 17:22) It also says that God wants us to prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

When our church was much smaller, I used to worry a lot about my sermons weeks before I even preached them! I was so stressed that I developed symptoms in my body. Two doctors checked me on separate days and found my blood pressure to be very high. Other tests found traces of blood in my urine. I even had mild panic attacks. I believe that the devil was trying to undermine my ministry and destroy me.

But praise God, He delivered and healed me, and taught me not to worry. Today, the church is a lot bigger and I have learnt by the grace of God not to worry. The verse that set me free was this: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow…” (Matthew 6:34) You see, if you worry about tomorrow, you are trying to live tomorrow today!

My friend, God does not want you to do that. Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.” He did not say, “Give us this day our weekly bread.” God gives us daily bread, not weekly bread. God doesn’t give tomorrow’s bread today. And today’s bread is not meant for tomorrow!

This means that God wants you to live today and not worry about what will happen or what you have to do tomorrow. He gives you sufficient grace for today, not tomorrow.

“But Pastor Prince, I have a very important presentation to give tomorrow!”

Beloved, when tomorrow comes, the bread — provision and grace — will be there. I am not advocating laziness and inactivity. By all means, do your homework, but don’t worry about it. Just trust the One who wants you to give Him all your cares (1 Peter 5:7), and enjoy His peace and life today!

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  1. rachael

    thanks 4 this inspiration. it has thought me to cast my cares on jesus.
    God bless u.

    1. RiverAngel42

      “No other help I know” Be Blessed Rachel and we hope to see you again soon. We hope that you joined our site while you were visiting. If not please do so. Thank you for your comment

  2. Garry Joseph

    Hi and hello pastor Joseph Prince! You are a blessing for the body of Christ..I only wish that I could Be physically there in person listening to the teaching of Grace.May our Heavenly Father continue to reveal His Son Jesus Christ to you for the empowerment of the church.stay bless!



  4. joachim siaw

    hi pastor prince. God bless u once again for are you a blessing to me. Pastor i will like you to give me commentary on the 1cor 11:26-28, especially on ‘examine your self’. thank you.

  5. Indradeep Kama

    Thank you Joseph Prince , for giving me timeful inspiration and Helping out to rest all teh cares on Jesus and let not worry about tomorrow .

  6. Narda Campusano-Horton

    Dear Pastor Price,

    I watch your program here in the state of Massachusetts in the US. From the first time I sat down to see the first sermon, I realized how blessed you are by the Almighty God. May God continue to use you!!


  7. Sharmila Damle

    Really blessed! I would like to receive the daily devotional of Pastor Prince everyday. How do I apply for it?

    1. RiverAngel42

      Good Morning and God Bless.
      Here is the registration information that you requested. The Daily Inspirations sign up is on the left side of the page.

      Be Blessed,

  8. hava

    Am very humbled by teachings Prince from the day i started watching telecasts i have never been the same however i need guindance on secular and Godly music.Thank yuo so much God bless you.

  9. benadette

    I love the gospel of grace.

  10. Lisa

    Pastor Prince, You are a blessing in my life. Please pray my daddy takes me home. I dont want to hurt anymore xx

  11. charles hurley

    Amen may the grace of our lord jesus be multiplied in the awareness of this truth.

  12. Esme

    Pastor Prince you are Jesus’s disible and you are blessd, thank you four your wonderfull words.

  13. Steven Mannie

    Hi Pastor Prince! Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister Grace to me. Your anionting has overflowed into my life. God bless you Pastor.

  14. josephine

    Dear brother/sister in the Lord,
    Register me for Pastor Prince Daily Meditations please. I was registered, exidently all errased.

    Thankyou for daily fresh bread from God’s Word. So grateful to God and you. God bless you and your loved ones.

    In His Love and mine
    Josephine mary

  15. Jacqueline Jones

    I would love to fellowship with you Pastor Prince. You are an wonderful and amazing blessing to the body of Christ!

  16. paddy

    thanks pastor Prince u are a blessing to us Ugandans

  17. Adenibi Adewale

    I am so lifted by the word today.I cast all my burdens on him for he cares for me

  18. Justin

    I’m uplifted with your inspiration for today. Thank you very much, God bless you n your family.

  19. teresita mercado

    I Love ur sermons Pastor Prince.Thanks a lot!

  20. ijeoma

    Really a blessing lord i cast all my cares unto you

  21. Cyril Theko

    After knowing pastor Prince my life has transformed it is really a true guidance to live a life that pleases God, may the ministry grow God bless u everyday

  22. Duncan Nzengya

    I really thank God for such a wonder pastor as Joseph prince, i have been delivered from demonic oppression through listening to his sermons and reading his book, destined to reign.

  23. Nadine

    Good day Pastor
    I had a dream this morning. Pastor laying hands on me. And I started praying and worship God.
    God bless you. I don’t know the meaning.

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