2010 Book List- Eleanora Winslow – DEVOURED BY PASSION: Determined to DO My Destiny

You are cordially invited to take this journey with “Ms. Ellie” from her humble beginnings to the discovery of her passion AND purpose which lead her to the heart of the rich and famous in the advertising, political and motion picture film arenas, to the ministry platforms through this country and abroad. Her compelling story not only prepares you for success with all the “trimmings”, but, cautions you concerning its “trappings”. The road to “success” is paved with many “stumbling blocks” that, without question, can be turned into “stepping stones”. The contents of these pages will inspire, motivate and challenge you to position yourself to live your life on purpose with a direct focus on having a sincere goal to accomplish something in your life that will not only bless you, but empower you to be a blessing to others! You will walk away from “DEVOURED BY PASSION” with a determination to discover YOUR passion and pursue YOUR destiny!


Minister Eleanora Winslow is a frequent reader of Online Fellowship, you can find many of her comments throughout the site. She and I have had several great conversations regarding God’s desire for us as well as repentance, love, salvation and other wonderful topics (all scripture filled). I look forward to reading her book and many more conversations.

Be Blessed


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