Marvin Sapp – The Best In Me


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I know most of the time we post a live performance or a video. However sometimes there is a song that comes along in which you need to take the time and make your own video, close your eyes and make the song real personal, have a private moment of personal reflection. Meditate on these words “He’s mine and I’m His, It doesn’t matter what I did cause He only sees me for who I AM. He saw the best in me, when everyone else around could only see the worst in me”

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19 responses to “Marvin Sapp – The Best In Me”

  1. Wwellington M. Nugbo Avatar
    Wwellington M. Nugbo

    I love the Ministry of Pastor Sapp. I’m always blessed whenever I listen to his songs. He saw the best in me. Oh yes! I’m a testimony to the lyrics. May God bless
    and continue to prosper his mainistry.

  2. When I heard this song I was in prison an I had thought that every body I knew had givin up on me But when I listened to the words I knew there was one that had not. I want to thank you for this song it got me though those difficult times an let me know there is a God of all understanding no matter what I did he saw the best in me.God bless you an your ministry an continue to produce songs that touch the very essence of a persons soul.

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  4. i LOVE MArvin Sapp n his music n his ministry but i aint so sure about this 1. Paul said “out of my fleh cometh NO good thing” n without tha spirit, my nature is no better than Judas’. God is a jealous God n if not done 4 His glory our good works r not good at all. N He is glorified by tha indwelling of tha holyghost within us. Any good is done by tha spirit not by us.

  5. Rahquetta Hubbert Avatar
    Rahquetta Hubbert

    this song made me really realize that it dont no matter what people say cause they goin to talk about wen u in the world n in the church but i love this song to death but i jus thank God for God cause i would be lost if it wasnt for him

  6. kanaria Gabbidon Avatar
    kanaria Gabbidon

    the best song of da year.

  7. hey i love you marvin sapp-love the song were doing an sweet heart love affair gor jesus christ (GOD) the host is PASTOR ANN SAMPSON.shes been on tbn.(funn_!_

    con.its gonna be at the crown plaza off of greens point bring your sweet heart-

  8. i love this song- He saw the best in me, when everyone else saw the worst in me. God has really annointed Marvin Sapp from ” Never could have made it to now, praise God, this is your season

  9. I love this song everytime I hear it like it the first time
    all I have to say it does matter what I did he only see me for who I am
    Thank you God

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      It is quite a powerful song and something we all need to be reminded of once in a while!

  10. This song really touched me brought tears to my eye. I’ve made this my ringtone. HE SAW THE BEST IN ME and I truly belive in that with all my heart. Thanks Marvin!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you for all you do

  11. The first time I heard this song was on BET's Celebration of Gospel the tribute to Steve Harvey. I'm thinking about making it my ringtone. He's mine- I'm His He saw the best in me….

  12. This song will definitely end up being a sermon from many pulpits on sunday

  13. God truly sent a message through that song!

  14. Glory to God!!!!! This song is truly AMAZING…it ministered to my spirit when I heard it! Marvin Sapp's music is truly anoited…he is a wonderful Worship leader!!!!

  15. This song is a miracle/life-changer!!! Simply amazing

  16. Donna Page Avatar
    Donna Page

    Song of the year! I love it.
    D.. Page

  17. I don't why I have isssues with religion and technology , still can't watch mass on tv whether it's an evangelist or the Pope, the most I can handle is goggling a specific bible verse So I find it in the Bible lol I don't know if I'm ready for a Jesus app, I like contacting him old school. I really hopehe dosent start twittering that would totally freak me out

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