Uganda – A Moral Issue

As many of you know there is a law that is being discussed in Uganda that could potentially place gay men and women in prison for life. The law would place people who are heterosexual but know someone who is gay in prison for up to three years and put people who are said to have contracted HIV from homosexual activity to death.

While my first reaction to this atrocity was “what is President Obama going to do?” the more I talked and thought about it I came to the conclusion that this is truly a moral and spiritual issue.  The people who are supporting this law are saying that some of their influences were American Preachers .etc.  So my question is, where are they now?

Surely the same God that allows you to go to a foreign country and build a church or a water supply system will protect you if you go and speak against this new form of genocide.
[ad] I know we don’t like to use words like genocide but how can we not? The people who are either homosexuals there in hiding, or out, are a part of a family; which is part of a community. When you start talking about HIV/AIDS on the continent of Africa most know about the staggering the numbers. Rick Warren where are you now? Sure you said you weren’t in support,  but why aren’t you on your way over there to MINSTER to these lost people and try to show them the errors of their ways.  The earth is only going to absorb so much blood from “strange fruit” before God intervenes and says enough is enough.

I understand that Rick Warren is not solely to blame and I’m not singling him out. I’m speaking to any and all who deliver the message of God’s word.  Do something, take a stand! Some of the mega-church preachers have private jets and ministries on the continent of Africa, how can you justify not going?  These are you children as well.

What are your thoughts?


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