Bible Study Plan for John 14:

  1. Introduction: Provide context for the study by reviewing the background and context of the book of John, and the context of the passage being studied (John 14). Explain the purpose of the study and what participants can expect to learn.
  2. Reading: Have participants read John 14, either individually or as a group. Encourage them to take notes and ask questions as they read.
  3. Discussion: Lead a discussion to help participants reflect on what they have read. Some questions to consider include:
  • What is Jesus trying to communicate to his disciples in this passage?
  • What does Jesus mean when he says “I am the way, the truth, and the life”?
  • How does this passage impact your understanding of God’s love for you and for others?
  1. Study: Provide additional insights or background information to help participants better understand the passage. Offer some Bible study tools, such as a concordance or commentary, to help them dig deeper.
  2. Reflection: Encourage participants to reflect on how this passage relates to their own lives. Ask them to consider how they can apply the principles they have learned to their daily lives.
  3. Application: Encourage participants to take action based on what they have learned. This could include sharing their insights with others, or making changes in their own lives to better align with what they have learned.
  4. Prayer: Close the study with a time of prayer, asking for God’s guidance and wisdom as participants seek to apply what they have learned to their lives.

Remember to keep the study interactive, engaging, and focused on the participants’ needs and interests. And above all, make sure to encourage an atmosphere of open discussion and respectful disagreement.


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