Social Justice #2: “Mac”Friday

Waddup my peoples!

What is the connection between Pastor John Macarthur and Conscious Community figure Brother Polight?

You definitely want to tune in for our latest episode of the Tru-ID Podcast and find out.

I’ve often received questions as to where I stand on certain social issues and race relations in our society. Since there is so much discussion going on about social justice nowadays I thought this would be a good time to give my take on it from an apologetics standpoint.

In this episode, our series on social justice gets a little more spicy than usual. After listening to John Macarthur’s series of sermons on Social Justice and the gospel, I decided to play a few clips from Macarthur and also a clip from well known Conscious Community figure Brother Polight as I attempt to shed light on how the conflict within the church related to urban apologetics, evangelism, and social justice.

Key Points:

Tackling statements made by John Macarthur about social justice and the gospel.

Should Christians “just preach the gospel”?

Is Brother Polight right about Christianity holding the black community back?

Does Christianity make black people cowards? 

What are some specific examples of how misrepresentations of the biblical worldview has contributed to there being barriers to the gospel in the black community?