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The State of Urban Apologetics

Recently I sat down with Damon Richardson of Urban Logia Ministries, Pastor Isaiah Robertson, and Pastor Jason Laplanche on Dacebook Live for a discussion about “The State of Urban Apologetics”. 

The budding “urban” apologetics community is something I care a great deal about and I’m sure the same could be said about Damon Richardson and Isaiah Robertson. I’m fortunate to call these brothers my friends and over the last several months we have all been making similar observations about what is going on in the urban apologetics community. Some of what we are seeing has been very concerning, not only for the 3 of us. Over the last several months there have been rashes of intense and at times antagonistic exchanges between urban apologists. As I’ve been keeping track of things in our social media community and reaching out to individuals involved with these skirmishes between apologists, it seems to me that the pulse of the community leans toward putting some things in place to better mediate and even prevent these sorts of internal conflicts that can potentially create fractures in the community. 

In this conversation with Damon Richardson and Isaiah Robertson we discuss what it is that we’re seeing and propose solutions which we hope to develop amongst the Urban Apologetics community such that resolutions achieve some degree of community wide acceptance.


1. What is the current state of urban apologetics?

2. What steps can be taken to resolve issues within the community?

3. Proposing a statement of faith for urban apologists.

4. Proposing a standard of conduct and boundaries for public debate/dialogue amongst urban apologists.

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