Author/Apologist: Tyran Laws

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing awareness of the need for “urban” apologetics. As a result, there has been a community forming of individuals who are equipping themselves and others to address the questions about and objections to Christianity that have been gaining ground in the African-American community as well as among people of African descent in the broader Western World. 

One of the things that many of us in this community see a need for is literature addressing these needs. We want books. Author/Apologist Tyran Laws (and Rahsaan Armand) is filling that need with his book entitled, “The Round Table: A Christian’s Conversation with Marginal Beliefs Affecting the Black Church Experience”. 

You definitely want to listen to this episode as we address the following topics.


What is the church doing about the violence in Chicago?

How to engage in conversation with people from the Conscious Community.

What are the dangers of “Word of Faith” theology?

Why is theology important in apologetics?


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