#TBT 2007 – Couple things about this pic…..1. The time stamp on this picture tells you about the grind. 2. This was a time in my life where I was working an overnight job. I would clock in, and leave my job at 12am drive to Hollywood to hit the studio til 5am. Then go back to my job and in time to act like I had been there all night, and be relieved by the next person. (Grimey, I know). 3. I wasn’t writing or recording for myself, but for someone else. #Ghost. I say all of that because when I first started in Christian Rap, some cats in CHH felt like I just popped overnight and hadn’t paid my dues. I always felt I paid my dues on the other side, and when I walked away GOD just applied it to my Kingdom balance. =) #GloryToGOD



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