the LORD and Money by Clayton Lindemuth (Free Book June 7, 2014)

the LORD and Money

Publication Date: May 11, 2014
Simplicity. Clarity. Relevance.

The Bible contains the best advice you can find about how to have a clean financial household.
How important is money?
How does the New Covenant change our relationship with money?
How hard should we work?
How much should we save?
Is debt evil?
Should we be more on guard against greed? Or fear?
What is the true meaning of Stewardship?
Can we tithe our way to prosperity?
The financial principles in the Bible allow us to live up to our highest ideals as human beings, as protectors and providers for the people who depend upon us.

My hope is that by reading this book you’ll be moved to believe as I do, that although God does not promise us material prosperity, He has ordered the world so that prosperity often results from keeping Him first and following His financial principles.

You can trust the Bible’s advice about money.


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