United Methodist Church Cooks for the Food and Drug Administration (Video)

Chefs at Crossroads United Methodist Church in Belton, Missouri prep and cook hundreds of pounds of bacon, oatmeal, ribs, vegetables and other foods that aren’t meant to be eaten. Sixteen times a year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration asks these church ladies to use standard recipes to prepare sample foods shipped in from all over the country. The finished product is labeled and sent off to a lab for testing. It’s hard work in the kitchen without the reward of a good meal– but church members like Mickey Tabor know they are making an important contribution. “This is an important service we do cause it keeps our food chain safe,” says Tabor. Also, the women volunteer their time so the 11,000 dollars the FDA pays for their services each year can benefit their church and their community. Some of the money goes right back into groceries donated to a local food bank. Some helps abused children or goes to those who are unable to pay their bills. The church has offered this service for more than 20 years.

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