Preachers of LA: Episode 1 (Video)

Preachers of LA: Episode 1 (Video)

Preachers of L.A. premieres October 9, but you can watch Episode 1 in its entirety now.

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  1. Robert Leigh

    I loved the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fav is the Bishop Noel Jones….very cool. Very entertaining. I know there are a lot of faceless-nameless bloggers out there hiding behind a computer making terrible comments about christians on reality tv but they have to understand that there is NO such thing as ” Reality TV ” unless all the cameras are hidden cameras. There is no way to be 100% totally natural and real if you KNOW the cameras are rolling. That being said, this show is JUST as entertaining as a scripted show. TV is not about making christians or non-christians feel good (or bad) about what they do (or don’t do) right (or wrong). TV is about creating content that is strong and entertaining enough to get people to watch it so the networks can sell commercials to advertisers and make money. That’s It ! To think otherwise is self-deception.
    As for preachers being wealthy, who cares? I don’t get it. If a Christian wants to be broke that is his right (and very easy to do in this economy). So just be broke and shut up. If you REALLY want to get technical and be JUST LIKE Jesus, take off you blue jeans and put on a robe, Just turn in your cell phones, ipads, computers, car and TV and go live under a bridge because Jesus never had any of these things while he walked the earth right ?
    If a Christian wants to be wealthy so what? Just do it…is not God wealthy? What about the pearly gates and the streets made of gold in heaven? If you don’t like Pastors that are wealthy you are free to go to a church that has a broke Pastor right? This is America, what is the big deal? I don’t get it? Just DO YOU and leave everybody else alone. Let’s say you DO find the perfect Pastor and the Perfect church……will it still be perfect after YOU join it. HHMMMMM

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