Dr. Jamal Bryant – I Can’t Just Sit Here (Video)

Dr. Jamal H Bryant, I Can’t Just Sit Here


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  1. lorene washington Avatar
    lorene washington

    I watched your video, where you stated that God didn’t want us to have jobs, and that jobs were of the devil. You had no bible verses to back up your statement. This is very dangerous, because many people believe what you say and because words are powerful. You were very disrespectful to all members in church that day and to anyone listening to you, with jobs. Everyone in church, that day with jobs, should have gotten up and left. Then you and your family, would have been there alone. Jesus had a job, he was a tentmaker, paul was a tentmaker, joseph worked for the king of egypt. If people didn’t have jobs, then who would be you your nanny or housekeeper or butler.

  2. I love the message: There is RESiDUE in the room

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