Bishop Noel Jones – It’s Not Over Yet (Video)

Bishop Noel Jones preaches a sermon entitled, “it’s not over”.

Sermon notes:
Psalm 42
the second division of the book of Psalms opens in chapter 42
even anointed people struggle on the inside
when one is going through negative things it increases their desire or thirst for God
spiritual growth in God is stimulated by the attack of the enemy
David is moving from despair to confidence
He is moving through the process from sorrow to joy
each time he feels a pain he feels an anointing
there is a soothing that only God can give
the pain is so great that you feel as though God has neglected you
if your weak and the devil knows your weak he will come after you like never before
in order to have strength to overcome some things you have to go through some awful things
sometimes a good friend can’t help you
only God can help you


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