Video: Donnie McClurkin Interviews Steve Harvey and Paula White

Donnie McClurkin interviews Steve Harvey and Paula White on TBN’s “Praise The Lord”.
Performances by Melinda Watts and Vanessa Bell Armstrong.


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  1. Assumpta C. Nwagwu Avatar
    Assumpta C. Nwagwu

    Hi, Steve and Pastor, Paula white,
    My name is Ms. Chioma. I am a single mother of 4 pressures and adorable young boys all to the glory of The Almighty God, and His son Jesus Christ of Nezarate. In God’s infinite mercy, we are being seen passing through Tin and Can in this land, USA for about 20 years. We are citizens of America. Life has been extremely difficult for us. Watching, and listening to your “show” on Tuesday night touched me so much especially observing the pain Steve went through in life before getting to his present position. Yes, I and my children felt your tears, and we cried along with you all. Word alone cannot explain it all. It was deep from the heart indeed, and the Lord hard us all, Amen. The Lord, and my watching your “show” has motivated, and given us a lot of courage and confidence to cry out to someone who has passed through the same experience and will be able to exhibit maximum understanding of our predicaments since every body tends to see us as a burden to them. It is extremely had. We keep facing rejections, hatred and jealousy for no reason. They laugh at us all the time especially when we call God’s name. We, meditate in the word of God day and night. Some of us have the callings to do the work of God, but please, we need some support. I need help to settle down. We need help with accommodation and finance. I also need a light good paying career. I have over worked myself trying to raise the 4 boys all alone. I have struggled a lot for the sake of the children that were abandoned to me by their father years ago . Life has become so overwhelming and unbearable to us. Please, come to our rescue. we are separated and scattered in the country looking for where and when to settle down . The frustration has become so much that it is now affecting my health generally. Presently, I have developed High Blood Pressure but I do not want this to lead me to more illnesses., and render me hopeless, please, man and woman of God. I have seen how God has been using you to change people, nations and the whole world. I believe that the same God can use you to turn my Children and myself around for only His praise. Kindly, help us to overcome the spirit behind this our situation in the name of God. Moreover, lead us more to the way of Christ. We love your ministries. Remain blessed. I hope to introduce my children to you as soon as I hear from you. T hanks. Chioma. Email;

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