CeCe Winans Don’t Cry For Me Whitney Houston Funeral

Cece Winans sings one of my personal favorites of her’s at dear friend Whitney Houston’s homegoing service.

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    For me, it was the most beautiful moment of that funeral. This song of Cece, with a voice so similar to Whitney… It was so beautiful. I really thought I heard Whitney. And the message of this song is so deep :

    ” Don’t cry for me, don’t shed a tear, The time a shared with you will always be, And when I’m gone please carry on, Don’t cry for me” .

    As Cece, I think that if she were here, she would have sang this song and asks us to not cry for her.

    Thanks for this memory, Cece and may your soul, Whitney Elisabeth Houston, Rest In Peace.

    LOVE U (Berthe N. M. M. from Cameroon)

  2. this song has some special meaning for me Gail Bernadette Mckuur Bonhomme

    Thank God for allowing me to share special moments like the one I viewed when Cece Winans sang its God say don’t cry for Jesus Christ cos he said weep not for me but for your selves and so that’s the message I received and makes me want to keep striving closer to God to get to know him more thank you Cece.

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