Dr. Jamal Bryant – Joe Paterno's Problem (Video)

Sermon notes:
Matthew 5:13
Joe Paterno was terminated because he did not use his influence.
Influence is the power of subtle persuasion that is built on presence and reputation.
The tabernacle was divided into 3 levels:
the outer court – praise and worship
the inner court – incense and oil
the Holy of Holies – sacrifice of blood
Your worship should change atmospheres.
The oil influences God to do a thing.
If your anointed you have the power to influence God.
Exodus 30
use principle spices
People who do not have principles will not be anointed.
For worship you need to be sweet.
You need to have balance.
Salt influences the frankincense.
Your anointing is more overpowering than everything negative in your life.

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