Learn How To Play Richard Smallwood's – Trust Me (Piano Tutorial and Extended Version MP3)

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  1. Mido

    This is feedback on the small plyear:I think the large arrow in the middle of the plyear should start THE PLAYLIST- not just play the first video.A first-timer who comes across an embedded plyear (the smaller version) is usually going to just hit play (the large arrow- not the smaller version in the control panel- the one that actually starts the playlist).Then, when the first video ends- they are asked if they want to replay or play all. Selecting play all takes them back to the beginning and starts the first video again- before advancing to the rest of them. And at that point, if feels like a malfunction- or bad directions.Either have the main/large arrow set to PLAY ALL- or advance the viewer to the next video in the playlist after selecting PLAY ALL at the end of the first video.Hope this is clear.(and how about a preview mode for the comments here?)

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