Thought For The Day: I'm Glad I Told Her When I Did

This weekend I posted a letter that I had written to my Grandmother because our church was giving her an appreciation. This morning I received a phone call telling me she had passed. My Grandmother and best friend is no longer here for that I am sad. However I am also finding a certain sense of peace knowing for certain that she was happy.
She called after the service telling me how all of “Her Babies” that had long stopped coming to the church came back to see her. She went on to say how “Filled” the letter that I had written made her. While I haven’t even begun to take on the loss that I know I will feel, I am not sad for her but for me and my family. She was happy and she knew we all loved her, now she is with the Lord. What more can any of us ask for? So I am glad I told her how I felt when I did.
Which brings me to the point of this post. Don’t waste time that you don’t have withholding your feelings from your loved ones. Let them know what they mean to you while you can because the time will come when you can’t. I know for me I am in a much better place knowing for a fact she knew how I felt about her, than I would be had I not.

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