Thought For The Day: Yoga and Christianity, Is It Possible? Black Yogis Spirituality Compliments Religion (Video)

I used to go to Yoga Classes on a daily basis in College. The classes were free and to be honest it felt great. Yoga uses opposite muscles and techniques then most aerobic excercises that we participate in. So when finding myself asking the question, “how do I get this part to go away” Yoga ended up being the perfect fit.
However on the flip side there were some things about Yoga that made me uncomfortable. Some of the things we were asked to meditate on were from a culture whose main belief system/religion is different than that of my own. So as I get older and know that my body could really benefit from a Yoga class or two, maybe 30:). I am faced with the question of is this class and the energy that you are asked to pull from pleasing to God?
Well in this video they touch on Spiriutality and Religion. Let me know what you think.
In addition I have two good friends who are Yoga instructors. Im going to Facebook them and see if I can get them to come by and give us a little more detail.
Be Blessed and Have a GREAT DAY!


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