TD Jakes Wife, Serita A. Jakes Taping Dr. Phil This Monday September 19, 2011

Bishop TD Jakes twitted the following message this evening:
“BishopJakes T. D. Jakes
My wife @FirstLadyJakes is about to be a guest on Dr Phil taping on Monday. I am so happy for people to see what I always knew! PROUD”
He did not get into what the topic of conversation would be. However she did recently release a book entitled, The Crossing. So good to see a strong husband supporting his strong wife. god Bless them both!
“Serita Jakes has created a rich story about confronting the debilitating wounds of one’s past and standing at a crossroads of hope and healing—or ongoing suffering. Her characters take meaningful and relatable journeys, and they will serve as an inspiration for many to find the path toward wholeness.”
—Dr. Frank Lawlis, bestselling author, consultant to the Dr. Phil show, and the author of revolutionary program PTSD Breakthrough
Be Blessed

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