Children's Fellowship – First Day of School Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day and thank you for being the faithful God that you are. Lord we humbly ask that you watch over and protect our children who are returning to school today and those who will be starting their new school year today. Keep their bodies safe, their eyes open and their ears sharp.

Help them to be astute learners of their subject matter and to display great citizenship throughout the year. Help those who will be in contact with them from parents, to the bus drivers, to the custodians, to the teachers, principals and superintendents to be positive influences on their lives and to give them a positive learning environment in which they can flourish.
Lord we also ask that you help all the parents and caregivers. Help them to provide a home life that is rich and nourishing. For those who are having a difficult time right now help them move into a place where their worries are less so that their focus on their children can be more.
Finally Lord we ask that you live in the hearts in our children in a way that will give them strength to resist all of the temptations that they experience in school. Help them to resist the temptation to daydream, to be mean to one another and to do bad things to fit in with others. Whisper in their ears Lord that you are with them and that you are their best friend and they they don’t need to do anything other than follow your word. Give them the strength to be the outcast when others do wrong. Help them to be a light of model behavior and learning. Lord, let this year be the first year in a long time where we do not lose any of our children to school violence either in the building or on the way to and from school.
We know You can do it! In thy Son Jesus Christ name we humbly pray! Amen!
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