Just Us – Let's Do It (New Artist)

There are a lot of new artist that are coming out and need our support. Here is one of them and the information about themselves that they shared with us via Facebook. Lets show them some support. f you are an up and coming artist and would like for us to help please feel free to contact us. Also join our site so when we add your material you will know!
20 hours agoShieldrockrecords Justus
Allow us to formally introduce ourselves. Our name is JUST US. We are from the Christian, Bible based teaching record label SHIELD & ROCK out of Niles, Mi. We do Preaching, Holy Hip Hop, Gospel, Praise & Worship, and soon Pop & country, all Christ based.
We are writing you for info & help. We are now open for bookings & we need you. We need for you to help us with our bookings. Meaning, we need for you to direct us or others to us for events where we can minister through our music & talents. We have a goal to go on tour in all 50 states with a minimum of 5 cities per state.
JUST US is a husband & wife group who are solo artist who came together as 1 & on 1 accord to push the Gospel. Our name is Marcus & April Bray a.k.a. IWON THE PROPHET & CLARITY. We are also youth pastors at our church. We are drawn to the youth & do more than just music. We are an outreach ministry who are preachers & teachers of the Word.
If at all possible, we would like it if you can help us by spreading our name & the word of by sending us or others our way. We can be contacted at whoisjustus@yahoo.com
Thank you kindly for taking the time to read our plea. May God continue to bless”
Be Blessed

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