Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant – Change Drivers (Video)

Sermon notes:
Pray for the strength and the focus of our president, that he will not become weary in well doing.
Philippians 4:13 – I Can
subject: change drivers
Numbers 22:21-25
The thing that’s driving you may be causing you to crash.
In this season of your life I feel it incumbent upon the kingdom mandate to tell you that you need to change your drive.
In order to change your drive, you have to change your head and your heart.
The problem is that many times our heart and our mind don’t agree.
Your heart represents your emotion, while your head deals with reason.
Your heart feels pain and pleasure, while your head deliberates and analyzes.
Johnathan Haidt, in his book “The Happiness Hypothesis”, says our emotional side is like an elephant and our rational side is like a rider.
The rider, which is reason, holds the reigns.
The elephant, which is our emotions, has the strength.
Our emotions, for 99% of us, are bigger than our reason.
Most of the things we do are not driven by reason or logic.
Our actions are being driven by feeling.
The elephant makes you hit snooze when you know you are running late for work.
The elephant makes you over eat when you know you should be on a diet.
The elephant will make you send a text to your ex at midnight.
The elephant will make you “go off” and then remember your saved.
The elephant will make you say something about someone in your mind and then smile in their face.
Your reason argues with your emotion.
Our elephant wants instant gratification, while our rider thinks through long term consequences.
When it comes time to make a change, more often than not, your change does not emanate from reason.
Your change often is driven by feeling.
Reason will tell you don’t you dare go out on faith and start that job.
Stick with what is safe.
Reason will tell you, “stay in that loveless relationship at least your bills are getting paid”.
Reason will tell you, “I know my friends really don’t like me but I’m going to stay with them cause I don’t have anybody else right now”.
Reason will tell you, “It’s ok if I gain a little weight, it’s just more of me to love”.
Sometimes safety doesn’t satisfy.
Your mind is saying be satisfied, but your spirit is saying change, change, change.
Your going to a job that you applied for, prayed for, but your spirit is saying, “this can’t be it”.
God wants you to change.
You have to change your driver.
You have to change who and what’s driving you.

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