Bishop TD Jakes – Conflict of Being Chosen

Sermon notes: Association with those that are chosen causes you to be on the radar screen for trouble and conflict and adversity. Peter denied Jesus because he was having trouble dealing with the ramification that come with being connected with someone who is chosen. I hope that we have grown to a point were we can extract truths from bible stories that inspire us to keep living. I hope that you understand that God selected Mary and that Mary did not select the Lord. Mary was troubled in her heart because she understood the pain of being chosen. Many are called but few are chosen. I can tell I’m chosen be cause when He called I had to answer. Jesus said I have chosen you that you might bring forth fruit. The very first thing God says to man in Genesis is to be fruitful. You are called to be blessed. You can’t be fruitful if your not seedful. You can’t have God’s fruit in your life if you don’t have God’s Word in your heart. God’s Word is God’s seed it’s how He impregnates the human spirit with the promises of God. You have been chosen to be fruitful. You have been chosen to be productive and forbidden to be unprofitable. You have been chosen to have something left when the season is over. If you have nothing less and the season is over, you are unprofitable. You have been chosen to bring forth fruit in every area of your life. Mary was troubled because God’s choices create your conflict. When I was in sin I really wasn’t conflicted. My life of sin was working for me. All of me was in agreement. My body, my mind, and my spirit were all saying, “party”. Most people get excited when you tell them they are chosen. They see the blessings, but they don’t see the barriers. They see the power, but they don’t see the pain. They see the success, but they don’t see the sorrow. You can’t pick the parts of being chosen that you want. You are a chosen vessel and you will never fit in. Can you imagine the social dysfunction that Mary went through? Who is she going to hangout with? Where do the chosen find fellowship? The historians say that Elizabeth was an old woman who was pregnant by Zachariah. She was excited because her womb had been shut up. God had opened up her womb and blessed her to conceive a child. Elizabeth was pregnant by an old man and deaf man. She had felt no movement in her womb for 6 months. She was chosen and afraid. Have you ever been chosen and afraid. Koinonia, communion, fellowship in our suffering. When Mary and Elizabeth got together John leaped in her womb. When the right people get together whats inside of you will leap.


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  1. being chosen is vary hard, people dont relate to you, when you tell them how you were called into felowship with the Lord they stay away afterwards. I find myself by myself but not alone. even as a child I never fitted in. Even in my family I knew I was diffrent, But when I acepted the Lord that’s when my world was turned up side down and right side up, and I am still forever learning that is why I value good teaching I love the word of God. When I first heard this sermon I knew it was for me God has a way to get information to me. Bishop Jakes has another DVD. When I heard it I sat up That was for me to.Bishop I Thank you so much.

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    Andrea Baxter

    Im backing up to catch up. but I love this Amen

  3. i love Bishop T.D jakes his message is powerful in my life.

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