Question of the Day- Does Size Matter?

In today’s society with new churches springing up like Daffodils in March, does the size of the congregation really matter? I have met several pastors who are just beginning their ministries and part of their conversation always comes to “Well we just started so we only have 15 members”. At times I want to reply you see that church over there with the three services, they only have 15 MEMBERS/Workers as well.
However, how do you feel. When you go to church on Sunday do you look around and judge how good service was based on how many people are there? Does it seem like the spirit didn’t show if the congregation was too crowded? If a church had sound doctrine and good leadership but not enough members for all the boards (Mother, Deacon, Usher etc) Would you still attend? DO you feel more comfortable lost in a sea of anonymity at a large congregation where the pastor might or might not know you. Or do you prefer a smaller congregation where every one and their mother knows you and what is going on with you at all times? At the end of the Sunday does size really matter? Oh and one final question, at the end of the day can you find any scripture to support your your preference?
As always, I can’t wait to hear from you.
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