Question Of The Day – Love, With Spite or In Spite of Fault?

WWJD? Was a popular term a few years back. There were T-shirts and bracelets and all kinds of paraphernalia that adorned the popular slogan. However many of us wore them on our chest and arms without adding them to our minds, hearts and spirit.
So my question of the day is were you a letter wearer or did you actually subscribe to living a life full of choices that had what Jesus would do in mind? For example, when it comes to those you love, do you love them in spite or their flaws? Do you take the insults, bumps, bruises, heartache and disappointment that love will bring, erase them and move on? Do you say you still love them and harbor resentment, love them at a distance or just never forgive them?
What happens to you when you love someone with spite? How does it affect your spirit and others that are influenced by the relationship in which you hold discontent? How did Jesus forgive those who hurt him? Really what would Jesus do? What happens when the willingness to forgive is there but the steps to forgiveness, trust are hard to take? How do you convince yourself to trust again when the fault might reoccur again?
There is a popular song that says “He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs”. How do we love one another like that? Despite the faults and flaws, even what logic may tell us, and love in a way that we can see beyond all of that to another person’s needs? Most of us know, if we are honest, when we see a person’s faults and they negatively impact us the last thing we are typically concerned with is their needs. However WWJD?
So think of the people you love, your spouse, family, children, friends and parents (the list goes on) and answer the question. How do you love them: With Spite or In Spite? If it is with spite is it really love? If it is in spite of, have they ever really hurt you? If so how did you get passed it to a place of open and honest love.
Be Blessed and have a great weekend. Looking forward to your responses.

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