Reviving The Fire 2011 Conference – Manifest Purpose, The Return of Power (Video)

June 19th – June 29th 2011
New Spirit Revival Center
3130 Mayfield Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

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  1. Linda Crumb

    I would love to follow such a powerful woman of God; the Lord has lead me to connect with such people in my life to birth the ministry in me. To learn and grow in the spiritual arena is where I’ve longed to be and experience all the more.

  2. themba langa

    it is a great powerfull moment for the lord to show his or demonstrate through his beloved sons and daughters how he is cappable of doing to all cities and communities around the world. let us go in full force so that our lives may be changed for the better enlightment of his word.
    my regards….

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