Coco Brother Presents A Night Of Inspiration April 19, 2011 and IT'S FREE!!!

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  1. Kendra Fennell

    I need to know how to get free tickets to the concert on April 19 2011. I would like 6 tickets.Thanks

    1. Anonymous

      The tickets didnt even matter, they were turning people away with tickets. I dont understand why more tickets than the building could accommodate were givin out…. Went all the way to Atlanta for NOTHING!

      1. RiverAngel42

        Sorry to hear that. With the price of gas I pray you didn’t have to drive far.
        Also I hope your travels were safe.
        Be Blessed

  2. AngeliaInAtlanta

    WOW! Awesome lineup. The ANOINTING is going to fall like never before in that place. I can not wait to be in the place. Glory to God!

  3. David

    I drove about an hour to the venue with ticket, and all I got was nothing. I wasn’t able to get in.

    1. RiverAngel42

      I wonder how many people were turned away?

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