CeCe Winans 2011 Always Sisters Forever Brothers Youth Conference

[ad] For every $1,000 a church gives, 16 young people can come. So, if your church donates $2,000, 32 young people can come. If your church donates $3,000, 48 young people can come and so on.
The church that donates the most/brings the most people to the conference, will win the competition.
The prize: CeCe Winans has agreed to come to the winning church at an agreed upon date. She will sing during the chosen Sunday morning worship service. *Note: If the church is out of town (not in Nashville, TN) CeCe has agreed to pay all of her expenses. The church will NOT be responsible for airfare, hotel costs, or meals.


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  1. Tatyana Bishop Avatar
    Tatyana Bishop

    hey, i would really like to join the fellowship. i live in sc, newberry.

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