New Christian Based Movie – The Grace Card (Watch Here) Featuring Louis Gossett, Jr, Michael Joiner and Michael Higginbottom Coming To Theaters 2/25/2011


Coming to a theater near you Feb. 25 2011! By the trailer it looks like it is going to be a good movie. Have you seen it or are you going to see it? Lou Gossett Jr. is one of those actors who rarely disappoints. The other two main characters are Michael Joiner and Michael Higginbottom. Please support good family films with Christian values, if you don’t please don’t say there is never anything good to watch. All reviews are welcome!

Grace the one thing we expect from others, the one thing that is hard for so many of us to give.
Be Blessed

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  1. Rodney

    Thanks so much for your support in sharing the news about The Grace Card movie that releases to theaters next Friday (2/25/2011)!
    Very quickly, I wanted to let you know about THE GRACE CARD app released on Facebook last weekend! This app provides you and your fans/friends the opportunity to share an exclusive 5-minute clip of the movie with their friends!
    Please feel free to share this information/links on your blog as well:
    “WATCH an exclusive 5-minute clip from the The Grace Card movie’s FACEBOOK page before it opens in theaters across the nation next Friday, 2/25/2011!”
    1. DIRECT LINK to app:
    2. Link to Grace Card fan page:

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