Kentucky Legislature One Step Closer To Approving Bible Curriculum For Public Schools (Video)



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  1. I think it would be a great idea to have a philosophy class that taught many religions but I strongly disagree with the teachings of just one. I can sympathize with people who may argue that the United States was based on the Christian faith and that it is important to understand our background as Americans, however (like School House Rock so elegantly put it) this is the “great American melting pot” and we are comprised of people with many religions.

    1. Hi and thanks for coming by and commenting again. I think part of the opposing position to what you posted will be that the class is optional, so TECHNICALLY no one has to take it. Perhaps as time goes on and if there is interest there will be other classes taught as well. However we don’t exactly live in a country that has taken a strong moral stance on making sure that even its own history is accurately taught. If you went to school here you know what is taught in the school is usually more exclusive than inclusive. Unfortunatley the “MAJORITY” (I use this term loosely and it has more to do with money than numbers) is who gets to decide these matters.
      As a Christian I do believe it is important to know what others believe. I have always welcomed conversations on why I believe what I do and that has only been strengthened by conversations, debates and in my younger days arguments from those who believe different.
      Again thanks for coming by.
      Be Blessed

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