Super Bowl Champion Greg Jennings Pam Oliver Interview

Immediately after the Super Bowl, Green Bay Packer and Kalamazoo native Greg Jennings was interviewed by Pam Oliver. The first thing out of his mouth was not “I’m going to Disney World” but instead , “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”. Truly note worthy!
To The Green Bay Packers and The Pittsburgh Steelers Great game and always remember put God first!
Be Blessed


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  1. Bro. Greg,
    Thanks for for being “bold” with such a large audience, declaring GLORY to God. What an awesome witness .May your life continue to prosper. I know that wasn’t scripted. It came straight from your heart. Continue to shine for God. Jerimiah 29:11
    Be bless!
    Pastor D. Robinson

  2. It will always and forever amazes me how big a role faith plays in people’s lives. Coming from someone who has a different point of view on faith and god, I have much respect for those who hold religion dear to their hearts. Its a wonderful thing to be selfless and give thanks for having the ability and opportunity to make great things happen.

  3. It was great to see that with all the excitement and chaos he never forgot that not only did God blessed him with this opportunity and yea its good to be happy and celebrate but that God should be the only one to be glorified.

  4. Jeanette Avatar

    Thank you for telling the world about the most important reason we live! May God use you to bring hope to many lost souls.

  5. Jennings also said that on the post game show on the NFL network. Its great to see people on the big stage arent ashamed of God.

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