Question of the Day: What Did You Think? Everyone Is Too Quiet! 2011 BET Celebration of Gospel

Ok Fellowship Family!
Everyone is just a bit too quiet today! I can’t believe we aren’t getting more comments about the 2011 BET Celebration of Gospel. Perhaps you were just being polite and waiting for me to ask. So here it is, what did you think?
I read a comment that someone thought Chaka Chan’s performance was random. I didn’t agree with that statement. However, if you follow us on Facebook (and you should hint, hint) you know that I feel like unless you can hit the notes she was hitting at her age and longevity in the music industry then and only then can you criticize her. To me it actually seemed more like she ran out of time. I think her testimony was winding up and they were like wrap it up lady and that is why she ended as abruptly as she did.
I think one of the best performances for me was Earnest Pugh. I think some of it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t looking at anyone’s performance so the added element of stage performance was not there. You should try just listening to some of the artist and not watching.
I enjoyed Kirk Franklin’s first performance however when he and Israel Houghton were together I had become to tickled at his attire to really focus. So I have to go back and “LISTEN” without viewing that one. Yes I know I just said I didn’t watch but I took a peak or two as we were putting them up.
What did you think of the “Gospel Dreamgirls”? I am going to refrain from comment until I get other comments HOWEVER I will say that I was happy that Chante’ Moore was included. I miss hearing her voice across the airwaves and wish she would release a project as well.
OK So I got the conversation started, now I need you to pitch in or else I’m simply talking to myself.
So here are the rules:
Don’t be shy
Speak your mind
Follow and Like us on Facebook
Tell me your favorite performance as well as any other comment
View what you might have missed right here on Online Fellowship
Be Blessed and look forward to your comments!
Also, I don’t know how I missed El DeBarge and Howard Hewitt! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
Also, also 🙂 Has anyone besides me noticed that Israel Houghton
and Howard Hewitt,

look a whole lot alike??? Or is it just me?


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