Mississippi Mass feat. Donnie McClurkin – God Made Me (Song and MP3 Download)

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4 responses to “Mississippi Mass feat. Donnie McClurkin – God Made Me (Song and MP3 Download)”

  1. this song is very encouraging. it has really lift me up with the things that i am going through.God Made Me.He Made Me Who I AM.

  2. reginajones Avatar

    Amen, praise God for turely all that I am he made me!

  3. Edossa Kenea Avatar
    Edossa Kenea

    i am not want shama or animal spirit link to me to comminicat made by peoples influenc of Devil. God made me. He comminicat me or us by his soul made by him. My soul is destination data from God by his net work. Holy spirit God is my expert in a world

  4. I really luv dis song….it really gives me encouragement 2 stay on da lord side bcuz their is no better place 2 b…iam a singer myself and I want 2 start a mass choir bcuz I luv singing praises 2 da all mighty god…

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