Question of the Day: Whatever You Tell Me To Do I am Going To Do The Opposite. Is There a Such Thing As Leadership In Marriage?

I was watching “Let’s Make A Deal” today and I saw something that made my eyebrows rise. There was a lady dressed as an egg and her husband was dressed as bacon. She was called up as a contestant and when she was asked to make a choice she looked to her husband and said, which should I choose? He said, the curtain. Her response was “good because whatever you tell me to do, I am going to do the opposite.” Even Wayne Brady was like “Wow you just gonna say that on National TV”
While I don’t know anything about this couple or their decision making tactics. Her response made me wonder how many wives actually feel that way about their husbands? Is it Biblical for your mind and spirit to be in a place of opposition to what your husband says? Is there a such thing as leadership in a marriage? Hopefully when two people get married they are both responsible and intelligent adults, both capable of making their own decisions and standing independently. However once you go before God and take a vow isn’t there then an ordained order of leadership? How did her Husband feel after her statement? If either party is in constant rebellion or opposition is it a true union?
Now don’t get me wrong, I have a hard time understanding how submission actually works. I do not believe it means giving up your right to think, however I also do not believe it is a spirit of opposition for what your husband has to say.
Be Blessed
BTW she left with 800.00 however if she would have gone with what her husband said she would have won an all expense trip to New Orleans. Neither was a bad prize or a Zonk. Just in case you were wondering.


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