Canton Jones Live in Concert (Video)


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  1. Mishalene L Neal

    This is like Mr. Brown says, “That’s a goodin!”

    1. RiverAngel42

      Quoting Mr. Brown, Too Funny. I needed a good laugh this evening.
      Be Blessed

      1. Mishalene L Neal

        Laughter and good music is just good to the soul. I’ve never seen him live yet, but I’m going to have to pay attention now!

  2. ria chavis

    he has such great energy! love him…i’ve seen him 4x’s this year, almost as much as fredH…but not quite…i wish he’d do “Echo” live, now that would be LIVE, lol

    1. RiverAngel42

      Uh oh, almost as much…I’m telling!!! Are you going to the Women’s Expo in Raleigh?

  3. ria chavis

    ok, i’m watchin as i’m commentin….he did the heavnly “qui” song when i saw him in Raleigh….that must be his fave worship song…

  4. joe ward

    Well everyone out there canton jones is awsome and I’m so glad he’s doin what god has called him to do I hope he gets another oppertunity to come back to conerstone harvest chuch that’s the church I go to and I was at the concert and its was jus a blessed night souls got saved that night and they were all children and I jus want to say that night I will never forget be blessed canton jones and all his fans may god do his will works and wonders hope to see you again canton jones may god be with u from member of conerston harvest church we all love u hope to see many more albums. My name is joe and we at cornerstone harvest hope to see you again. Be blessed

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