Joel Olsteen on The View 11/16/2010 (Video)



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  1. Connie Williams Avatar
    Connie Williams

    Joel acted like he did not want to upset anyone on the View or anywhere else by coming right out and saying homosexuality is wrong. PERIOD! these people are not created that way …he should have quoted scripture instead of being afraid to stand up for what God says…He is in the word of faith movement which is another myth, along with youj can get rich..big on prosperity the only people you see that our rich are the ones preaching that false doctrine..people are giving and giving money to these ministries thinking they will get rich by doing so…it never happens…and God never said you would be RICH…..He has to stand before God and answer to Him…God help him he is leading a lot of people astray…

  2. Debora Chapman Avatar
    Debora Chapman

    First of all, I am glad that the VIEW is open to discuss/talk about all issues that is gong on this world. To the discussion on homsexuality, I don’t dislike gays, but I am going to stand of the Word of God, he did not make man for man and lady for lady, go back and read Gensis, when Adam and Eve was creatd, he said in his word that man was not created to be alone, so he took the rib of Adam and made waoman (Eve), yes God created man, but he took the rib of Adam to creat Woaman, you are not born gay, or lesiban, situaions in life will lead to that lifystyle unfortunately, but Whoopi is right we are not to judge anybody, the only judge is God, and he forgives all sins for all of us, if we ask with a sincere heart of forgiveness. On another note, I lkie Joy, but she also has to allow her guest to answer her question evern if they don’t agree with her views. The VIEW is a excellent show for today’s society, you have allowed all guest to come and share their view/opinion, from the President of the United States to the working person. I love the show.

    1. It is nice to have a show that discusses relevant issues. I agree about Joy, there are times such as this, when I think the conversation would have gone deeper if she would have allowed him to answer. Perhaps it would have given him an opportunity to use scripture.

  3. I think Joel could have handle this much better if he would have use Scriptures.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for coming by! You are so correct. In many instances we would do much better to remove ourselves and “Emotions” or “Feelings” and to allow the Word speak for itself!
      Be Blessed and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    2. People are using this Gay way of life as it is okay what does God’s word states. They WILL NOT ENTER INTO HEAVEN. It is wrong just like having sex with someone husband or wife, stealing, killing and lieing.

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