Another Reason We Should Not Judge – God Can Use Anyone At Anytime. Rapper TI Talks Man Out Of Jumping Of Roof


In a world where the Internet and TV help form so many off our opinions about people, as Christians we still need to be careful with what we do with all of this information we receive. Here is a prime example, while I knew that TI got in trouble with regards to guns and I knew he was back in jail for ecstasy. I did not know that he had talked a man out of jumping off the roof of a 22 story building. Telling the man “things get better”.

The reason I posted this is because so many times we tend take the bad that a person does and then label them as bad as if good and bad does not exist in all of us. However even when we have done bad as long as we are on this earth there is always the chance that God will use us for a great good.

Be Blessed and stay available.


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