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KD Bowe Morning Show ?#Randomthoughts – Most stuff we fight about is more about our PRIDE than the issue. Quick test – If you knew you had 1 month left to live on earth, would the issue still be as important? Some would be, MOST wouldn’t. A simple change in perspective let’s you know you CAN ‘let it go’. Don’t let pride keep you from enjoying your relationship by focusing on something you really CAN let go…




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  1. Hello I met a guy on an online dating service and we became really close in a short time. I am still married! he since has gotten a divorce the purpose of him and I getting together was due to we were looking for love, never the less his mother passed the week he came to town to see me and then two months later he moved in with me, with the intent to get married we have been together now for 2yrs and not married, I am moving on but I still love him, I feel I have let myself down and others, especially my family due to the fact I thought I was doing something for myself; and at the time I wasn’t looking for no one’s approval but, I was in church and had been called into ministry as and Minister and now I had to go back to church and re-dedicate my life, I apologize for what I had done how do I get passed this?

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    ms lady when love dont love you anymore let it go

  3. My husband and I have been separated for 6 years now, he meet someone on the internet and moved in with her. I stayed with him after being on drugs for years.
    I did do some things wrong like screaming and yelling. I have gotten close to God now and I want to save my marriage. We still talk and we even see go to dinner some times when he come in town. My question is am I being a fool or do you think we still have a chance

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