“Affirming” Pastor Dennis A Meredith-Responds to Eddie Long


Meredith,Tabernacle Baptist Church, describes himself as an ‘affirming pastor,’ meaning his church is inclusive of gender and sexual orientation. “I myself am a gay, bi-sexual man” Pastor Merideth


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  1. joannharper Avatar

    No matter how strong you think you are any man or woman is subject to fall. a righteous man will fall several times but he dust himself or herself off and get back in the race. we all have to go before the LORD
    every knee shall bow every tongue must confess. LORD! says woe! unto the PASTOR’S that destroy and
    scatter my sheeps. he that covers his sins shall not prosper. no matter what we have done the LORD is the
    only one can forgive us. we must pray always without ceasing. JESUS is the one without sin. we need to pray for each other. WHAT IF JESUS DID’T FORGIVE US? there’s no excuse for our actions.LORD help us all because no one have made it yet. many will be call but few or chosen. another thing i would like
    to say if you don’t know JESUS get to know him the LORD says the day that you here my voice harden not your heart choose this day whom you going to serve. satan came to steal ,kill,and destroy. JESUS STILL LOVES YOU ! because he’s coming back for a church without a spot ,blemish,or wrinkle. let us walk in love like JESUS did . YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN.no matter who you and what you have done GOD

    LOVES YOU.i hope there was something i said in this note to make you think before stepping out of his will
    i’m not perfect by all means just saying that we all make mistake. SHALL WE CONTINUE IN SIN, CAUSE HIS GRACE ABOUND,GOD FORBID. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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