You or Your Church Choir Can Sing on CNN, Get Your Submissions Ready

CNN’s Black In America Series is focusing on the Black Church and the music that we sing. They are asking soloist, groups and choirs to be a part here’s how:


1. Record video footage of your choir singing “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” in the key of F.
2. Keep instrumentation to a MINIMUM– a capella is ideal, but light percussion is also ok.
3. Make sure you capture the AUDIO of the song well, by strategically placing mics where needed.
4. It’s okay to sing in your church, but even better to sing someplace that represents your hometown… significant to your community.
5. Even if you don’t have a choir, you can sing by yourself or with members of your congregation.
Files should be kept to under 600MB and uploaded to CNN before Sunday, October 10, 2010.


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