2 thoughts on “Anthony Cannon (Former NFL Player) Defends Bishop Eddie Long (Video)”

  1. Ant is lying and he knows it ! !! I am class of 2002 Stephenson High School . . . I know him and all off us at SHS knew Long was sleeping with young men. THIS IS NOT NEW! It is just horrible that Ant is LYING for a buck. I am disgusted with watching all of this. I really cannot believe this is happening right before my eyes! LONG HAS BEEN WRONG, WRONG, WRONG !!

    1. touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm . GOD said vengence is mine said the lord. If your brother is at faukt you wich are spiritul should restore him. If you people think that what you are doing is what GOD would do then you have missed GOD in you attempy to diwstroy the kingdom agemda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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