Apostle Bill Anderson Defends Bishop Eddie Long

“My heart goes out to my Dad and whatever he needs from me, I’ll be there for him,” (note the usage of the name Dad in a positive way)

Are but just a few of the KIND words spoken with regards to accused Pastor, Bishop Eddie Long.  In an interview Memphis Apostle Bill Anderson spoke of when he met Bishop Long while pledging an unnamed Fraternity and how Long has continually supported him over the years.

It seems as though there has been no escaping the negativity that is buzzing around Pastor Long however there has been a shortage of the good.  I guess few people go to court for being positive.

Memphis’ Apostle Bill Anderson calls Bishop Eddie Long his mentor and spiritual father.

“He’s spent numerous amount of time with me eating, laughing, sharing with me as a spiritual son and none of those times was anything inappropriate done or said,” said Anderson.

[ad] All in all, we will not know what truly happened for some time now.  However it is worth noting that he truly touched someone’s life in a positive way and that Anderson has  nothing but good things to say about him.


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